Mother-Daughter Project



Participants will gain:

  • the latest research on mother-daughter relationships. 
  • strategies for engaging and staying connected to our daughters.
  • community among mothers and daughters.
  • a culminating celebration with our daughters. 
The Mother-Daughter Project empowers mothers to connect with daughters in ways that help them to thrive, especially through adolescence. In bringing mothers together for this important dialogue, we will learn from the author in person, as well as from one another, as we share our experiences and grow together in a warm, supportive community of mothers raising daughters. 
Author Dr Hamkins and Sonia Luginbughl (who created a still-strong community of mothers and daughters six years ago to emulate the ideas and strategies in the book) will both be assisting to facilitate discussions. 


 During each of our first three meetings, we will: 

  • review and reflect on each part of the book. 
  • discuss its relevance to our own situations and experiences. 
  • build community. 
  • meet the author, Dr. Hamkins, ask her questions and hear the latest update on the Mother-Daughter Project.

Between meetings we will: 

  • read one part of the book at a time. 
  • activities and exercises we may try with our daughters. 

At the final meeting, we will: 

  • bring together mothers and daughters to celebrate.
  • provide daughters the opportunity to meet with one-another and share their own stories and experiences. 

Moving forward, we hope: 

  • that mothers who participated in this program will continue to support one another. 
  • to bring back participants in the spring to share and reconnect with our community of mothers.