Our Story

Junior Presidents Organization (JPO), was started by current and former business leader/decision maker/influencers, and parents with purpose. From unique experiences in professional organizations and communities, each team member values the unique benefits that can only come from learning and growing together as a cohort, so much so, that a lot of the same values, formats, and outcomes from model cohort-based courses and meetings are baked into each JPO experience.

Founding principles that continue to drive us to support each valued JPO member:

  • relevant, engaging, contemporary quality content and programming
  • whole-person development
  • expert facilitation
  • a sense of belonging and fun
  • finding, developing, and living one’s best self 

We support kids ages 8-18 who are driven to make an impact, seek a community of like-minded peers, and may have an interest in developing leadership, business, or entrepreneurial skills outside of their regular school or extra-curricular programs.

Join the Growing JPO Community!

Today, we are proud to say that the JPO member community serves students in over 45 countries with a wide range of programs, clubs, and team opportunities. We welcome you to join us and participate in the JPO movement. We look forward to serving you, your children, and your teams.


Myron Pincomb

  • Builds global education, businesses and autism certification businesses
  • Leads the Florida Online Learning TaskForce
  • Board of Trustees for University of Northern Florida 

Tamara Schulz, M.Ed

Child Psychology and Development, BA

  • Educator and Coach, 25 years
  • Award winning methods and passion
  • Leader and Speaker on curriculum development, relationships,  and mindfulness

Ann Schwartz, MA

Communications and International Relations, BA

  • Corporate Leader - 20 years
  • Educator and Coach - 20 years
  • Researcher, Writer and Speaker on subjects of education, adoption, addiction and trauma

Shelley Rudolf, M.Ed

Elementary Education, BA

  • Educator, 25 years
  • Non-Profit Board Member
  • Passionate about kids discovering their gifts while becoming compassionate individuals 


Distinguished Development Team

The journey of learning is greatly influenced by Top Tier Educators who create relationships with their students. Our Development Team has focused for 20+ years on providing exceptional education in award-winning districts in the United States, nationally recognized for academic achievements.

Our team is best-in-class at:

  • Inspiring kids
  • Creating fun, rigorous learning experiences
  • Empowering students to innovate and lead
  • Planning and communication with parents
  • Driving engagement amongst groups of peers 
  • Future Problems Solvers International Coach
  • Writing Coach
  • Board Member of Partnership Resources Inc.
  • National Urban Alliance Coach, Mentor and Regional Director
  • Professional International Speaker (for Al-Anon, international adoption, and healing from the impacts of trauma) 
  • Facilitator of Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Cognitive Coaching
  • Data-Driven Dialogue
  • Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms
  • Teaching with Equity in Mind
  • Cultural Competency
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Restitution
  • Envoy
  • Insights
  • Mental Health in the Classroom
  • Creating Lessons for Visual Learners.

Our team has natural skillsets for teaching that include passion, strong communication skills, collaboration, humor and an engaging method of creating lifelong relationship with students and families.

They have operated in many roles:

  • teaching grades 2-12
  • coaching school staff on effective, equitable and engaging teaching strategies
  • various leadership committees
  • curriculum selection/implementation committees
  • data analysis and school reform committees

They have been asked to share their work at principals conventions, board meetings, and educational organizations to assist in the development of strategic roadmaps. 

Awards received by these educators include: being nominated by peers to receive the Educator of Distinction Award and being chosen from a staff of 1000+ as Employee of the Month.